Dakota Vaping Association
September 12, 2019

RAPID CITY, SD – After six reported deaths from a rare lung illness that according to the FDA, CDC and other state health departments is associated with illicit, black market THC-cartridges, President Donald Trump announced a move to ban all flavored e-liquids, except tobacco-flavored products.

However, current reports from the FDA, CDC and other health organizations have strongly indicated the use of Vitamin E acetate in black-market manufactured THC oils as being the primary culprit of the recent outbreak of this rare lung illness. Currently there have been 380 confirmed reports of this illness nationwide.

“This is exactly why we should regulate, not eliminate,” said Tyler Burdis, President of the Dakota Vaping Association. Burdis explained that the recent reports show that the reports of the rare lung illness all seem to be stemming from illicit, black-market activity.

“The DVA stands strongly for sensible and reasonable regulation,” Burdis said, “and we will be pushing hard for legislation to combat the over 480,000 deaths each year caused by tobacco-related illnesses using a common-sense approach.”

The Dakota Vaping Association and other vaping associations nationally are closely watching the current situation as it develops, and will be providing recommendations to our lawmakers as evidence and the facts unfold.